Thursday, 20 December 2018

Cap Reward Claiming Players Guide

Hello Dempsers,

About 7 hours before are Official Server UP, a new website widget function has been added to make it more easier for players to CLAIM, their hard earned rewards.

You can now claim your CAP REWARD on our site, by logging in to our website Made easy and hassle free right? here is our step by step instructions to claim those filthy rewards.

Cap Reward Claiming Instructions

1. First, reach any of your character/s on your respective account to max level 250.

2. Second, log out your In-game Account

3. Then, log in your in game account to our website

4. Look and Click for "Max Level Reward" widget function.

5. Click "CLAIM REWARD" button and that's it.

6. Enjoy this +15 Cap Reward Set  [15D]

Important Notes:
1. Every User Account can only claim once.

2. This Cap Rewards Sets are available to all and it has no limit of time
    and no limit of number of users per IP address.

3. This Cap Reward is Set to [15D] in order for players to have ample time 
    hunting there respective permanent Sets and Weapons that they can upgrade
    and use to engage in any activities and battles in game. This are not given to 
    be of permanent reward so that our Hunt Based System and Active Market System
    will be put into order by players to player trading and selling pace.

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